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Model Tribal System (MTS)

GMJ Designs has over 18 years of Child Support Enforcement (CSE) automation experience and has provided solutions for the Model Tribal System (MTS) since its inception. We have completed 10 successful implementations of the MTS for tribes across various technical platforms. Our diverse experience paved the way for us to successfully implement the first MTS systems in the Cloud. As the lead provider of MTS in the Cloud, GMJ Designs is leveraging our knowledge and expertise with the MTS and related systems to provide innovative solutions configured to meet the unique needs of each tribe.

Cloud Services

GMJ Designs is the leading provider of Cloud-based MTS solutions which provides us with the tools and flexibility to offer a wide range of secure, responsive, and cost-effective services to our clients.

2-Factor Authentication

GMJ Designs is committed to ensuring the security of your MTS and your Program Data. The MTS is secured behind a 2-factor authentication mechanism. This provides enhanced security to all of our customers at no extra cost.

Password Management & Synchronization

GMJ Designs understand the challenges in password management. Our Password Recovery and Unlock feature allows you to quickly manage and resolve password issues across multiple systems.

Managed Backups

GMJ Designs understands your need to keep data secure and safe in event of catastrophic failure. We ensure backups of all components of the MTS system are secure and available -- no matter what.

Disaster Recovery

GMJ Designs understands the importance of providing server uptime at 99.9999%. We will work with you to setup an enterprise level disaster recovery solution to meet your needs – you will never have to worry if the system is available after a disaster.


GMJ Designs understands the importance of security and takes this task very seriously. We maintain industry-standard security processes to manage and monitor your systems – preventing data breaches and providing peace of mind.

Enterprise Reporting

GMJ Designs is skilled in creating and managing MTS Document Generation templates and documents to support management decision making. We can provide access to Enterprise Reporting servers for custom generated reports from data stored in the MTS. We work directly with you to create a reporting solution to fit your specific program needs.


GMJ Designs provides a number of services to it's clients.

MTS Help Desk Support

GMJ Designs provides responsive, US based Help Desk services for end users and technical staff to track issues to resolution.

Enterprise Hosting

GMJ Designs hosts MTS in an IRS-compliant cloud-based data center offering encrypted data backup and storage. MTS application and servers are maintained fully in the cloud – providing peace of mind for your IT department.

Software Development

GMJ Designs provides custom software development services. With 18 years of experience providing successful solutions, we can ensure your projects are completed successfully and in a timely manner. For projects large or small, simple or complex – we can build a custom software solution to meet your unique requirements.

Tribal CSE Program Establishment

GMJ Designs deep knowledge of the MTS and federal regulations ensures a smooth start-up and comprehensive compliance with federal requirements.

Tribal APD and Grants

GMJ Designs can assist IV-D programs with applying for federal funding to pay for MTS training, installation, production support, maintenance and equipment/technology upgrades. Contact us to discuss your further needs.

Project Planning

GMJ Designs can provide the thoughtful planning you need to ensure your project succeeds. We can help you establish a realistic scope, budget, schedule and team requirements, implementation and ongoing evaluation – a plan tailored for your specific project needs.

Tribal CSE Regulatory Compliance

GMJ Designs understands the urgent need and the regulatory path to secure Federal approval of a tribal IV-D program, and to continue to meet Federal requirements on an ongoing basis. GMJ Designs staff has over 12 years of experience with tribal child support requirements at the federal level, including establishment of tribal child enforcement programs, tribal child support automation, and annual program grant requirements. Our expertise is available to assist you in meeting current Federal requirements and in preparing for evolving Federal requirements.

Business Process Integration

Business Process Integration (BPI) is essential for businesses looking to efficiently leverage systems and information into their core business processes. GMJ Designs provides experience successfully integrating Federal, State, Identity Management, and custom software solutions with one another. We work with all parties involved to identify all requirements up-front to provide flexible and maintainable solutions to our clients.